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The innovative PET and cans unitizer, the MHB-TP12 provides consistent, retained strap tension for beverage container loads.
MHB TB 12 unitizing bottles

MHB-TP12 Bulk Pallet Unitizer for PET Containers and Cans

The MHB-TP12 provides consistent, retained strap tension to eliminate loose straps, maximizing load stability throughout the distribution cycle. Built with features that facilitate easier maintenance and operation, the MHB-TP12 provides the lowest cost of ownership available.

Features and Benefits

  • Unparalleled package performance
    The MHB-TP12’s innovative tensioning system equalizes strap tension from both the top and bottom, providing the most accurate, consistent tension levels to ensure load stability.
  • Quick-change technology
    Constructed with separate, lightweight tensioning and sealing components, the MHB-TP12 strapping head modules are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime for routine maintenance. They are built with fewer moving parts and more durable wear parts, making them easier and more cost-efficient to maintain than traditional strapping heads.

MHB-TP12 Options

  • Spare modular head set
  • Strap applied switch
  • Indicator light
  • Out-of-strap switch
  • Conveyor height

Technical Specifications

Load Height Minimum
711 mm (28")
Load Height Maximum
2870 mm (113")
Load Width Minimum
762 mm (30")
Load Width Maximum
1524 mm (60")
Strap Requirements
1614 Tenax® polyester strapping
Conveyor Height
Adjustable 127 – 508 mm (5"-20")
460 volts, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Shipping Weight
590 kg to 953 kg
(1,300 lbs to 2,100 lbs) depending on model24

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