GripPack® CB

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GripPack CB Battery powered cutter for steel or plastic strapping.
GripPack CB in use
GripPack CB


Can be used to cut both steel and plastic strapping


Automates strap cutting to speed up production efforts


Lightweight with a balanced drill-style grip and one-button operation to reduce operator fatigue


Robust features for durability and ease of use

Signode's GripPack CB Battery-powered Cutter for Steel and Plastic Strap

Signode's lightweight, battery-operated GripPack CB enhances productivity for applications that utilize steel or plastic strapping. Unlike manual tools where operator effort is required, the GripPack CB cutter quickly and effortlessly cuts through up to 2 pieces of 32 mm x 1.12 mm (1-1/4" x .044") steel or plastic strapping.

Features and Benefits  

  1. Robust design
    Along with an impact resistant outer nylon plastic body to protect internal components, the GripPack CB features a durable, easily replaceable cutting blade that can be used up to 50,000 cuts before replacing.
  2. Maximizes productivity
    Complete with the latest "fast charge" lithium ion technology, the GripPack CB battery can perform up to 240 cuts per charge and is fully recharged in just 30 minutes.
  3. Simplifies operation
    A single touch trigger button along with a balanced grip reduces operator fatigue.
  4. Operational flexibility
    GripPack CB offers two modes of operation - one for non-tensioned strap to maximize cutting speed and one for tensioned strap. In the tensioned strap mode, the GripPack CB holds the tensioned strap in place during cutting and isolates one strap end in its serrated jaws after cutting, enabling one-handed operation that allows operators to position themselves away from the single rebounding strap end.

Technical Specifications

Part Number800770
Strap TypeSteel or plastic strapping
Strap Width32 mm (Up to 1.25")
Strap Gauge1.12 mm (Up to 0.044")
Cycles per Charge240+
BatteryLi-ion 18v 4Ah
Recharge TimeFull: 30 mins; 80%: 20 mins
Tool Weight3.75 kg (8.27 lbs) including battery
Dimensions362 mm x 83 mm x 184 mm
(14.25" x 3.25" x 7.25")

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