Green Lumber Marking

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The green lumber printing system automates lumber marking to help increase productivity and reduce labor.
Green Lumber Marking on conveyor outfeed


Enables accurate load recognition and inventory rotation


Automates lumber marking to decrease labor


Minimizes load processing errors


Adaptable to different marking requirements

Printing Solutions: Green Lumber Marking

Signode’s green lumber printing system automates lumber marking to help increase productivity and reduce labor. Designed to address the increasing processing demands within the lumber industry, Signode’s green lumber printing system will help effectively manage the life cycle of loads from the sawmill through the finishing steps of the lumber manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

  1. Improves inventory management
    Signode’s green lumber printing system marks lumber to ensure accurate product identification and recognition. This enhanced visibility provides instant load verification both in the yard and at the kiln, helping to improve inventory management and processing.
  2. Reduces downtime and picking errors
    Signode’s green lumber marking system facilitates accurate product recognition and species identification for proper drying, eliminating planer infeed downtime associated with processing incorrect sized loads.
  3. Accommodates varying applications
    By combining well-defined printing in variable sizes and colors along with configuration flexibility, Signode’s printing system is highly adaptable to any operation.
  4. Long-term operation
    Designed for the rigors of green lumber environments, Signode’s green lumber printing system is a robust, fully enclosed floating mechanical print system that incorporates a durable design with advanced printing technology to ensure a low cost of ownership along with operational longevity.

Additional Standard Features

  1. P.L.C. based system
  2. Cold package
  3. Auto cleaning system
  4. Marking for identification and traceability

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