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Explore our comprehensive range of construction specialist products, stabilizing adhesives, and cardboard cores to enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations. Trust Signode to deliver the highest quality solutions for your construction and protective needs.

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Cardboard Cores

High technology grinding and polishing lines offer very sensitive ‘’smooth surface cardboard cores’’ to plastic film industry.

Concrete Tubes

Concrete tubes the ideal cylindrical column solution.

Monotub DD

Formwork for circular columns in construction.

Paper Pallets

Paper Pallets are 100% recyclable, lightweight, durable and made from honeycomb and corrugated material to handle heavy load volume.


This is a specialty adhesive applicator for all LOCK N' POP products that has capability for pattern control and flow sensing as well as upgraded PLC for other potential requirements.


This is a standard applicator designed for application of all LOCK N'POP adhesive products.

Our Monotub DD and Concrete Tubes are designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry, providing reliable solutions for various applications. Whether you're building foundations, columns, or other structural elements, our high-quality concrete tubes offer exceptional strength and durability. In addition, we offer LockNPop® , stabilizing adhesives to secure your products during storage and transportation. Our innovative adhesive solutions help prevent shifting, reducing the risk of damage and maximizing stability. Furthermore, our selection of cardboard cores serves as specialist protective products, offering excellent protection for delicate and valuable items.

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