Allegheny Industrial Associates (AIA)

Signode is a leader in freight damage prevention and load securement. Our focus is to keep your loads secure regardless of the product you are shipping and diverse weather conditions. We offer a diverse line of AIA branded protective transit products to solve your needs as well as provide analysis and recommendations on how to improve damage prevention during railcar, intermodal and truck transit.

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Problem Solving

Our experienced team is dedicated to tailor solutions to your load securement needs

High Quality Team

Technical and engineering analysis and guidance to improve damage prevention

Extensive Product Portfolio

With our vast product portfolio, we can provide the right protection for your products

Focused on Improvement

A strategic focus to improve load securement products and methods

Association of American Railroads (AAR) Approvals

AAR has taken responsibility to oversee and approve testing, standards and requirements related to railcar loading and transit methodology. When using rubber friction mats and strapping for load securement, it is critically important that both the product and the load securement pattern be approved by the AAR. Signode has more AAR loading approvals than any other manufacturer. Our TransMat rubber friction mats have the industry’s most extensive list of AAR approvals for load securement.


Rolls with Strapping

Customized Solutions and Technology

Signode provides customized analysis and recommendations based on your specific products and needs. We have load securement and damage prevention specialists with years of experience in rail, truck, and intermodal shipping. We operate state of the art testing facilities to assure you are utilizing the best transit protection processes. 

Market Leaders

Due to advanced research and development TransMat was the first rubber friction mat for load securement. AIA products are the face of Signode's exclusive representative of non-metallic strapping systems for the load securement industry. Our diverse product offerings mean we can find the right product to support your operations to improve load securement, lower costs, and most importantly maintain protection of cargo during transit. 



Industry Affiliations

A leading member of numerous transportation associations contributing solutions to improve safety and reduce costs in material transit. 

  • AAR – Association of American Railroads
  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association
  • CCMTA/CCMAT – Canadian Council of Motor Transit Administrators
  • CVSA – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • TAPPI – Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
  • IOPP – Institute of Packaging Professionals - Chemical Packaging committee
  • AIST – Association of Iron and Steel Technology


  • Avistrap™ woven and composite polyester strapping for bundling and securement of lighter duty loads.

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  • A riser lift-strip for floor protection of non-palletized product during shipment.

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  • Cut-to-length strong customizable woven lashing.

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  • Woven polyester strapping and lashing for load securement in rail, truck and intermodal shipping.

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  • Tools for heavy, medium and light duty strapping and lashing for use in load securement.

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  • Composite polyester cord strapping for use in medium and light duty applications.

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  • TransMat® Rubber Friction Mat for load securement in rail, truck and intermodal.

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