Signode Introduces New Mobile Air Xtreme (Max) Inflator

Portable Technology Inflates Dunnage Airbags Twice as Fast with Double the Output Pressure

Signode, a leading global manufacturer of a broad spectrum of packaging consumables, tools, software and equipment to optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit, is pleased to introduce its new Mobile Air Xtreme MAX Inflator for portable dunnage airbag inflation.

The MAX Inflator delivers maximum inflation speed with a light, battery-operated technology. The air-compression-system-free innovation is designed with superior speed that inflates airbags twice as fast and has double the output pressure when compared to most leaf-blower-style commodity competitors.

 “In concert with our current customers, our team of engineers and protective-transit specialists designed the MAX Inflator to meet their needs for a faster and more effective inflator without sacrificing the convenience and safety of a portable, compressor-free system,” says Joey Gault, Product Manager, Signode.

Weighing under five pounds, the MAX Inflator is ergonomically designed with user-ease in mind. Its well-balanced center of gravity and contoured rubber gripping minimize wrist strain, its adjustable pressure switch rapidly adapts to changing load-securement needs, and its wide variety of accessories include multiple carry and storage options.

Gault notes that the MAX Inflator was designed to be a turnkey replacement for current portable dunnage bag inflation systems and an “easy switch” for traditional compressor and airline dependent inflation systems, lowering total cost of ownership and enhancing worker safety.
MAX Inflator
MAX Inflator