Signode Helps Aurobindo Pharma USA Increase Throughput and Performance

The StorFast® ASRS system helped increase Aurobindo’s warehouse storage capacity from 7,000 pallets to 34,000 pallets. The system can process 80 inbound and outbound pallets per hour, equating up to 18 million units per month.

Aurobindo’s state-of-the-art distribution center ships more than 200 million units across 200 product categories. With double-digit annual growth, the company required an integrated vertical warehousing solution.

“ASRS is the best thing we’ve ever invested in,” said Lorie Johnson Lawson, Distribution Manager, Inbound Import Receiving, Aurobindo Pharma USA. “From where we are now, we can move more product faster and with greater accuracy to our customers.” We are thrilled to unveil how the StorFast system integrated logistics, robotics, and software to increase warehouse capacity by over 450%.

The StorFast ASRS Aurobindo case study and testimonial was featured in several packaging publications. To read more about how we helped them increase their throughput and performance, click on a publication link below. Learn more about StorFast ASRS and watch the full testimonial video here Storfast Product Page.