Now Available: Global Beverage Industry Trends Report

The evolving challenges of the global beverage industry require partner companies with end-to-end transport knowledge. Signode’s global organization continuously collaborates with our customers to achieve optimized and customized transit packaging solutions.
What trends are driving decision-making? What are their impacts? How can customers navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities?
Signode is pleased to offer its latest trend report focused on the global beverage industry. 
Endlessly Adaptable: The Impact of Consumer Preference, Brand Protection, and Sustainability (PDF)
provides a 30,000-foot view, filled with insights and statistics compiled from a wide range of trade-association reports, news coverage, industry blogs, and government reports.
Consumer expectations for seamless supply, both in-store and delivered to home, continue to challenge the investments, strategies, and operations of CPGs, retailers and their value-chain partners.
Signode offers a suite of tailored solutions that helps its clients meet the three main trends driving transit packaging in the global beverage industry: Changing Consumer Preference, Brand Protection, and Sustainability.

Download Global Beverage Report