Now Available: Global Corrugated Trends Report

The corrugated industry is the cornerstone of the global supply chain. Its traditional visibility in the B2B space has now expanded to the general public through E-tailers as home delivery of goods continues to proliferate. Its ability to innovate and adapt to changing and challenging situations fuels its growth.
Currently, the corrugated industry is at an interesting confluence of trends: E-commerce should continue to drive the industry’s growth momentum, but sustainability and brand and product protection can moderate, hamper, or accelerate that growth. Below we will discuss these three primary trends and their individual impacts on corrugated value chain players. 
Signode's global organization continuously collaborates with our customers to achieve optimized and customized end-to-end transit packaging solutions for the corrugated industry. To that end, Signode is pleased to offer its Global Corrugated Trends Report – Innovating, Adapting and GrowingThis high-level view brings together insights, statistics, and transit-packaging solutions gathered from trade-association reports, news coverages, industry blogs, and government reports.

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