Multi FleX1

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Multiplicity of load sizes which can be wrapped. Easy to integrate into existing packaging lines. Wrapping 200 units/hour. Service at floor level.
Multi Flex1


Optimum film size and thickness for required load stability


Capacity up to 200 pallet loads per hour depending on load size


Hydraulically or electrically operated stretch frame


Machine maintenance performed at floor level

Multi FleX1 Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping

The Multi FleX1 stretch hood machine protects products and loads from the elements, while stabilizing them for transport, so goods make it through the supply chain undamaged. With its 5-sided protection and a load capacity of up to 200 loads per hour, the Multi FleX1 offers significant benefits over other end-of-line packaging methods, including cost savings through reduced film and energy consumption and simplified material handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases load protection while reducing costs
    The Multi FleX1 features film unwinding technology that enhances corner protection by minimizing thin and fragile film on the corners of loads.
  • Simplifies operation and maintenance
    The Multi FleX1 features an intuitive HMI to streamline the control and monitoring of the wrapping process. Plus, for routine maintenance, a patented top-down system allows for easier and faster servicing. Film replacement as well as other interval upkeep requirements are completed at the floor level, allowing for ease of maintenance.
  • Adapts to production requirements
    From palletized goods in the food, beverage and pharma industry to bricks, blocks and bagged commodities in the building industry, the Multi FleX1 accommodates variable load sizes and types. Depending on the industry environment where the machine is operating, it is available with either a hydraulically or an electrically operated stretch frame. And with multiple film options, including transparent, colored, perforated and printed, it can be further tailored for other production requirements from those requiring high-shelf storage to those for transparency to read barcodes.

Additional standard features

  • Handles various qualities and thicknesses of films from 20 - 200 micron (0.8 - 7.8 mil).
  • Gripper control - ensures correct placement of film on the grippers.
  • Pallet profile control - monitors the shape of the load ensuring that the grippers are automatically placed in a position matching the load dimension.
  • Wide range of wrapping patterns - fully closed hood, film sleeves and short hoods, as well as film reinforcement for improved stability.

Technical Specifications

Load CapacityUp to 200 loads per hour
Machine Stand
Footprint - Length
3100 mm (122.1 in)
Machine Stand
Footprint - Width
2250 mm (88.6 in)
Machine Height*4500 mm (177.2 in)
Pallet Size (min)600 mm L x 400 mm W (23.6 x 15.7 in)
Pallet Size (max)1400 mm L x 1400 mm W (55.1 x 55.1 in)

* At a pallet height 2000 mm (78.7 in) / transport height 600 mm (23.6 in).
Other sizes available.