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LitecĀ® is lightweight, and water/moisture resistant paperboard. Ideal for transporting refrigerated/frozen foods.
Formaboard / Litec in focus


Manufactured with 100% recycled materials


Resistance to humidity and moisture enables use for a wide variety of products


Protects products throughout the transportation cycle


Superior strength properties enable caliper reduction for greater cost savings

Formaboard Edge Protection

Formaboard edge protection is a laminated paperboard that helps prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. Manufactured with a patented, heat-welded process, provides exceptional strength, enabling customers to reduce their packaging requirements without sacrificing performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Functional construction
    Manufactured with a solid barrier to prevent moisture penetration, Formaboard edge protection is both water and moisture-resistant, making it ideal for products exposed to environmental elements. It works well for outdoor and agricultural applications as well as refrigerated/frozen food where condensation is an issue.
  • Maximizes cost efficiency
    The laminated paperboard’s superior strength properties enable customers to use a thinner caliper and/or shorter leg length than with a standard open-edge product, lowering packaging costs while maintaining an unparalleled level of protection.
  • Customizable
    To accommodate variable industry and customer requirements, the paperboard can be custom printed, allowing for product identification, point-of-sale merchandising and instructional purposes.

Technical Specifications

Section of Board
(Region Tradename)
Global Availability
EMEA Availability
A - Leg Length One34.9 – 76.2 mm
(1.375 - 3.0 in)
35 - 60 mm
B - Leg Length Two34.9 – 76.2 mm
(1.375 - 3.0 in)
35 - 60 mm
C - Caliper1.0 – 7.1 mm
(0.040 - 0.280 in)
2 - 6 mm
D - Length63.5 – 3657.6 mm
(2.5 - 144 in)
50 - 6000 mm

Board measurements

Alternate Trade Names


(Available in Americas)