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The LDU case sealer designed for low weight boxes and a quick changeover from one box to another.

Low Maintenance 

Enclosed motor and drive system for easy maintenance 

Fast Changeover

Changeover one both to another in less than 10 seconds

Microjet Compatible

The LDU-E is compatible with the Microjet Printer

Time Saving

Save up to 25% of your time by using the LDU-E in comparison to taping by hand


The LDU case sealer offers amazingly swift changeover from one box to another, robustly designed the case sealer is engineered to high standards to provide a reliable service. The LDU works best with a lower height of boxes due to the offset cartridge design, run by a single motored gearbox which is enclosed the system is simple to maintain. Offering an increased performance against hand sealing, the LDU is a great option to save time for your business. 

The LDU can be integrated into an automated packaging line, to find out more how Signode can assist with automated solutions click here.

Features and Benefits

  • Box Range
    It is possible to use a varied range of box sizes with the LDU, from flat to tall boxes making a versatile packing solution.
  • Simple Changes
    It is very simple to make adjustments to the machine and can be used alongside interchanging cartridges.

Available Options

  • Short tab tape (25mm) cartridge 
  • Extra-wide cartridge (75mm) 
  • Infeed table 
  • Casters 
  • Conveyors 
  • Inkjet Printer

Technical Specification

Operating Speed (m/mm belt speed)19
Weight (kg)152
Closure Material 50mm pressure sensitive tape
Power240 Volts, single phase
Case Capacity
Length Range (mm) 114 to Infinite
Width Range (mm)114 to 558
Height Range (mm)75 to 610

Note: Certain length/width/height combinations may not process due to unstable conveying conditions.