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Turnkey coding solution, Uno & Uno Plus. A powerful way to code and mark with minimal effort. A low cost, high performance system easy to get up and running in moments.
Uno Coding Solution
Uno Coding Solution in Use

Minimal Maintenance

Using the thermal inkjet technology means there are no planned maintenance requirements as well as no operator training required

Reduce Costs

Cost improvements using an inkjet printer, with three times reduction in ink costs using bulk ink

Reliable Printing

A reliable solution with a lifetime warranty and 100,000 prints before a cartridge change

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Avoid a CIJ mess, smell and maintenance needs, no ribbons and no high upfront laser costs

Uno & Uno Plus Turnkey Coding Solutions

A small character coding and marking solution, High performance printers with a 7" color touchscreen and 2" printing height. It is possible to print barcodes, alphanumerics, lot codes, expiry dates, bitmaps and many more a solution to integrate into any packaging operation with ease.  

Uno & Uno Plus, the Uno supports a single 1/2” print head while the Uno Plus can cater up to Four ½” print heads. All metal print heads are smart card enabled with 90 degree rotation; each cartridge has a chip embedded to facilitate programmable changes. The cartridges are programmed with ink parameters to find the optimum printer quality saving ink usage providing the highest use of ink from each cartridge. The benefits of smartcard cartrige printing:

  • Can track cartridge ID and Ink type
  • Preconfigured firing parameters 
  • Individual cartridge ink usage