iM2 and iM4 UV Curable Printers

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A high resolution printer providing a versatile, cost-effective solution. With iM UV printers it is capable of printing addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos and graphics, labels, tickets, security, plastic cards and business form applications.
iM2 Printer
iM2 Printer in Action

Low Cost Printing

Premium printing capability at a low cost, efficient use of ink and reliability providing a low cost of ownership

High Quality Printing Solution

The iM series supports up to 600 dpi providing a sharp resolution with 1200 fpm line speed

Integrate with Ease

A machine with a compact footprint and flexible mounting options; quick to install and mount with exact control

Print in all Directions

Patented ink delivery system the iM2 and iM4 can print in any orientation without any depriming issues

iM2 and iM4 UV Curable Printers

Print quickly, with high quality using UV curable inkjet printing solutions. The iM2 and iM4 are equipped with an innovative ink delivery system which provides high reliability, more printing accuracy and minimal maintenance. The pump measures minute by minute changes in pressure providing the ink to the print head. 

High speed printers available for use in multiple applications including:

  • Mail and Graphics: UV-curable printing to provide high speed and high resolution image on mail.  
  • Medical: Cost effective solution to print on various materials including contact lenses and coated boxes the iM2 and iM4 have the printing accuracy and quality for the pharmaceutical industry.  
  • Bottling: Print traceable barcodes and identifiers on bottle caps at high speed.  
  • Tamper-Evident Security Packaging: iM2 printer will integrate seamlessly into bag printing lines providing reliable savings providing high performance. 

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