IV4000 Integrated Valve Jet System

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The IV4000 a consistent printer of alphanumeric messages on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Durable IV18-Dot

The IV4000 is equipped with a IV18-Dot print head; durable die-cast aluminium ideal for industrial environments

Multiple Print Heads

The IV18-Dot can be daisy chained with upto three other heads allowing to print large or multi-lined text messages

Smart Connection

The smart hub design combines the system controls with ink delivery systems allowing for printing from remote locations

Minimize Ink Consumption

Lower your Ink usage by up to 50% with the lower contrast draft mode ink feature

IV4000 Integrated Valve Jet System

Deliver highly readable alphanumeric codes and logos when printing via the IV4000 Integrated Valve Jet System. Designed for use on porous and non-porous surfaces in the most challenging of industrial environments, can be used on paper, corrugated, plastic, wood, drywall, metal, PVC and more. This system provides one of the lowest cost per marks in the industry printing messages such as date codes, lot/batch codes, product name, contents and descriptions. 

Configure multiple IV9-dot (1⁄2″ or 7⁄8″) and IV18-dot (1″ or 2″) printheads in any combination totalling up to 144 vertical dots. The IV4000 valve jet system can print in speeds up to 650 feet per minute. 

*Product is a registered solution by Diagraph