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About Signode in South East Asia

Signode has a prominent presence across SEA region with its two manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and distributor network. Thailand is our manufacturing hub for the region with production lines for Tenax® Polyester Strapping, Plastic Sheets & Container Liners. Our range of offerings in this market include Consumables, Equipment & Tools, Reliability Services and Automation for Packaging, Warehousing & Transportation of goods. To find out more about Signode globally, click here

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Strapping Consumables

Strapping Hand Tools


Equipment and Automation

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Signode has a strong presence across various segments:

  • Metals
  • Corrugated / Paper 
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fiber & Textile
  • Construction
  • General Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Bagged Products (Chemicals etc.)

Our customer centric approach has ensured that we lead the change in driving innovations and bringing in best packaging processes and practices.

Featured Products and Capabilities

Strapping Consumables

Magnus® Heavy-Duty Steel Strap

Magnus Heavy-Duty Steel Strap is a cold-rolled, heat-treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength & excellent shock resistance. Manufactured to the most exacting tolerances, it provides great quality & packaging effectiveness for the heaviest-duty applications.

Magnus Strap Images

Apex Steel Strap Photo

Apex® and Apex Plus® Steel Strap

Apex and Apex Plus Steel Strap are cold rolled, non-heat treated, low carbon strapping manufactured with superior edge conditioning with excellent coating and surface properties. They are designed for use in light to medium-duty applications.


Signode offers a wide range of seals for different applications providing optimum joint efficiency. The choice of a specific seal is often most strongly influenced by the type of tool or machine selected to apply it.

Seals Images

Tenax Images

Tenax® Polyester Strap

Tenax is a high performance polyester strapping that provides excellent elongation and recovery characteristics which help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking. It is stronger than other plastic strapping materials and performs smoothly and reliably in power strapping machines.

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Strapping Hand Tools

Steel Strapping - Manual Tools

We manufacture a wide variety of manual tools to help you meet your steel strapping needs. From tensioners, sealers, and combination tools, Signode's manual steel strapping tools are both durable and efficient.

Manual Strapping Photo

Steel Strap[ping Pneumatic Powered Images

Steel Strapping - Pneumatic Powered

Signode's pneumatic powered hand tools for steel strap take most of the effort out of tensioning and sealing by performing those operations at the push of a lever. Powered hand tools are typically used to reduce operator fatigue, improve strapping efficiency and provide uniform tensioning.

Steel Strapping - Battery Powered

Signode's BPT battery tools deliver high-speed operation and unparalleled performance for steel strapping applications. Complete with an ergonomic design and multiple performance enhancing features, they improve productivity for a wide range of applications - both stationary and mobile, anywhere in the plant.

Steel strapping battery powered

Plastic Strapping Pneumatic Powered image

Plastic Strapping - Pneumatic Powered

Signode's heavy-duty pneumatic combination tool for polyester strapping using tension weld technology. It provides a fast cycle time with built-in weld cool time indicator alongside an automatic cutter. 

Plastic Strapping - Battery Powered

Signode's BXT3 plastic strap combination tool delivers high-speed operation & unparalleled performance. With an intuitive design & multiple performance enhancing features, it improves productivity for a wide range of product applications.

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Plastic Strapping Battery Powered Images


Plastic Tier Sheets Image

Plastic Tier Sheets

Plastic Tier Sheets offer maximum load stability, reduced contamination, and greater product protection. Used across a wide range of industries including food and beverage cans, aerosols, PET bottles and glass containers, they significantly reduce flavor migration and are moisture, bacteria, and chemical resistant. 

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Dunnage Airbags

Signode polywoven and paper dunnage airbags provide higher burst performance to withstand impact loads during intermodal transportation. The valves are uniquely designed for ease of usage & faster inflation. The bags are specially engineered to comply with Association of American Railroad standards. 

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Dunnage airbags images

Airbag Inflation Tools Images

Airbag Inflation Tools

Signode's dunnage airbag inflation tools provide reliable, long-lasting performance in all types of loading environments. Our innovations including digital inflators, auto shut off inflators and battery inflators help provide faster and more effective operations. 

Trefex Lashing®

Trefex® is made of high tenacity polyester yarn embedded in UV stabilized polymer coating along with special additives for bonding and stiffness. It’s superior strength, excellent elongation & recovery properties, flexibility & ease of usage makes it an ideal choice for various packaging and lashing applications. The applications include bundling, unitization, palletization, truck lashing & container lashing.

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Trefex® images

Container Liner Images

Container Liner

Our Polywoven and Film container liners, when installed in a standard shipping container, will protect various flowable dry products during transit domestically or overseas as containerized bulk. They provide better product protection, improve container loadability, reduce packaging footprint and save packaging & handling costs.

Equipment & Automation

Strapping Machines

Signode manufactures a wide range of general purpose and customized strapping machines for semiautomatic & automatic applications. The machines provide safe & reliable operations, higher productivity and lower cost of operations. 

Strapping Machines Images

Stretch Wrapping Machines Images

Stretch Wrapping Machines

Signode's semi and fully automatic stretch wrappers are built with features that provide easy operation and maximum operational up-time while helping create a strong, secure load ready for transit. The range includes turntable, rotary arm, orbital and ring machines.

Stretch Hood Machines

Lachenmeier Stretch Hooding provides a 5- sided, waterproof load with optimum clarity from one layer of transparent film, which allows the product brand to be seen throughout transport. With its ability to handle variable load sizes, it is a preferred choice for wrapping products in food and beverage, eCommerce, building and construction, chemicals, retail business and other segment 

Stretch hood image

Case sealer images

Case Sealers

Case sealing machines are manufactured to meet demanding needs with precise, reliable, and efficient box taping. They are designed to work with uniform cases or random box sizes. The range of semi-automatic and fully-automatic case sealing machines help improve productivity & reduce labor cost.

Signode Solutions

Solutions Matrix Picture

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-of-line packaging products and systems designed to protect, secure, simplify and streamline the bulk transportation of goods, continually adapting our product line to address evolving supply chain demands. Find out more about our solution groups.

SEA Signode Locations & Distribution Partners

Signode Thailand 

Signode (Thailand) Ltd. 

WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 (WHA ESIE2), Chonburi, 20110. (TH)

Phone: +66 38 158 825


Signode Thailand (Container Liners)

Signode (Thailand) Ltd. (Caretex)

49/44 Moo 5, Tungsukla, Sriracha, Chonburi, 20230. (TH)

Phone: +66 38 493 326


Signode Malaysia 

Signode Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 

No 17, Kawasan Perindustrian Kemuning, Jalan Sungai Jeluh 32/192, Seksyen 32, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Phone: +60 (3) 80259363


Our Distribution Partners

CountryDistribution PartnerCity/'s
IndonesiaC/O PT SigIndo Kemas Jakarta, Surabaya
VietnamHD Packaging Import Export Service Trading Company LimitedHo Chi Minh City
VietnamDigihu Co.Ltd
Ho Chi Minh City
SingaporeJPS EnterprisesSingapore
PhillipinesRichard SumagueDasmarinas