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Start your packaging journey with the Signode Engineered Solutions design team

The Engineered Solutions Journey

1. Assess

Together, we’ll evaluate your product packaging requirements and manufacturing site details, including size, weight, fragility, transportation needs, and environmental considerations.  

2. Design

Send your product or drawings to our design solutions team. Whenever possible, samples are preferred, as they allow our packaging engineers to better understand the product’s weight, fragility, and other details.

3. Execute

The Signode Design Center will create prototype samples and send them back to you for consultation. Additional testing can also be conducted as per your requirements.

4. Manufacture

Engineered Solution’s products are manufactured at 12 dedicated, full-line Signode plants in the USA, providing timely delivery of high-quality, custom packaging.

5. Support

We’re here to answer your questions and provide continued support throughout our partnership.