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Telephone: +48 887 095 155

Contact Address: 

Site Address: Signode Poland Sp. z o.o. 

Stara Iwiczna, ul. Nowa 23, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland

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About Signode in Poland

Signode has a prominant distribution presence in Poland, based in Piaseczno. A significant hub for Central and Eastern European operations. Our range of offerings in this market includes Equipment and Tools, Consumables as well as reliability services. All in order to meet Signode's goals, to pack, bundle, unitize, warehouse and transport goods successfully packaged minimising damage considering environmental conditions. 

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Industries Poland

Industries Served by Signode in Poland

Signode has a strong market presence in Poland across the various segments:

  • Corrugated 
  • Metals 
  • Construction 
  • Auto/Engineering 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods 
  • Food & Beverage 

Featured Products and Capabilities

Strapping Consumables

Tenax® PET Strapping 

Polyester strapping made to provide load stability for loads which settle and shift during transit, maintaining the load position. Signode's polyester (PET) strapping can be recycled many times and innovative composition enables larger coils of strap providing up to 40% less packaging waste. Tenax can be provided in a wide range of specifications; with general duty and heavy duty strapping ranging from 2000 N to 17792 N strength.   

Tenax PET Strapping

Dylastic Strapping

Dylastic® PP Strapping

Signode polypropylene strapping (Dylastic) is manufactured for easy of use across light to medium packed goods. Polypropylene strapping offers extra protection for valuable and fragile goods; resistant to temperature fluctuations an economic solution for logistical security of packaging. Suitable for goods with up to 35Kg weight. Signode polypropylene Dylastic strapping is suitable for use on both automatic and semi-automatic machines with a narrow dimensional tolerance including Signode SGP machines, offering a fully automated inline solution.

Magnus® Steel Strapping

A cold-rolled, heat-treated steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications. Magnus provides high quality effectiveness for heavy duty applications. Magnus steel strapping has a zinc finish and is coated to provide a strong rust resistance and improving the corrosion resistance to the strapping.

Magnus Steel Strap

Apex Strapping

Apex® Steel Strapping

Cold rolled, non-heat treated metal strapping manufactured with high quality edge conditioning, excellent coating and surface properties. Apex strapping is optimised for high quality and reliable load securement. Bringing higher break strength per kilo than other competitive steel strapping; speciality finishes with curved edges and printed strip is available. 

Strapping Hand Tools

BXT3 Series 

The BXT3 Series are a range of battery powered hand tools for Plastic strapping, including BXT3-13, BXT3-16 and BXT3-19. Possible to be used with both Dylastic and Tenax strapping, the BXT3 combination tools provide high-speed operation for plastic strapping applications. 

BXT Series

GCU Strapping Machine

Strapping Machines & Accessories 

GCU Strapping Machine 

The GCU modular compression strapping machine has an automatic strap feeder and simple single button operation to provide a simple, faster and reliable strapping solution. The GCU strapping machine suits most customers' needs to compress and secure their materials onto pallets. The standard machine comes with two strapping bayonets, chutes and two MHC strapping heads.

ISB Strapping Machine

A reliable solution for the corrugated industry, designed to maximise productivity and minimise defects in product delivery. Equipped with a mechanical strapping head and integral service program which signals maintenance requirements and provides full system diagnosis. It is possible with the ISB strapping machine to add multiple options to fit the product to your unique product requirements.  

ISB Strapping

MHC Heads

MHC Strapping Heads

MHC Modular strapping head is a reliable and economical solution to a wide range of strapping industrial applications. Specific models are available to suit many requirements. The MHC strapping head has a narrow light-weight modules which have very easy access on the strapping machines and can be easily removed for preventive maintenance.

Stretch Film & Equipment

Octopus® Range 

Signode provides a wide range of stretch wrappers, including the Octopus®  range, within this range is the Compact Series for low capacity end of line packaging. Also within this range is the T Series developed for high speed production, the S Series and B series both designed for various capacity needs and load dimensions. The Octopus® series aim to improve end of line packaging quality, with machines developed for all packing needs. 

Octopus Range


Stretch Film

Signode produces many product lines of stretch film to suit your wrapping needs. Manufacturing both hand and machine film options, with cast and blown film options Signode has a diverse stretch film portfolio for any business need. Research and development has also been put into more sustainable branches of film; Post Consumer Recycled Film reduces the use of fossil fuels utilising reused materials bringing a sustainable stretch film to the market. To find the full stretch film range Signode provide click here.


Edge Protection

Signode provides a wide array of protective products, including multiple edge protection solutions. These Angleboard products include, Angleboard, Litec and Angleboard notched as well as other edge protection solutions. These high strength recycled protectors support load stability and provide superior edge and corner protection for bulky unitized skids, or large products.




Available in paper or made from polywoven dunnage materials, Signode Airbags provide flexible coverage in large voids while locking your load in place. Signode airbags are available in multiple sizes and designed to fulfil your needs in many conditions, be that transporting during highly damp or humid conditions. Our airbags can be used in multiple modes of transit including Truck, Sea Containers and Rail.  


This environmental container desiccant is designed to absorb moisture and save space within the container during transit to maintain optimum conditions for cargo. This space saving, eco friendly product is an has innovative hygroscopic properties are such, that the potential for moisture damage is lowered.  

Hygro Gel



The Drumclip is a innovative plastic tool to secure drums on pallets and during transit. The drumclip can be used in combination with strapping or lashing. The Drumclip is a great protective accessory, there are two types of Drumclip one designed for open-head drums and another for tight-head drums. 

Signode Solutions


Signode offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-of-line packaging products and systems designed to protect, secure, simplify and streamline the bulk transportation of goods, continually adapting our product line to address evolving supply chain demands. Find out more about our solution groups.

Polish Local Contacts

For general enquiries please reach out to

Commercial Department

Role / ContactTelephoneEmail
Commercial Director East Europe
Dariusz Banach
+48 605 307 789
Eastern Poland Sales
Artur Abramczyk  

+48 601 621 502
Western Poland Sales
Andrzej Krysztofiak

+48 603 263 600
Southern Poland Sales
Jarema HaƄczewski

+48 603 743 405
Northern Poland Sales
Piotr Rychel

+48 887 300 170
Romania/South East Europe Sales
Valentin Vasile
+40 722 418 352

Customer Service and Parts Departments

Role / Contact
Customer Service
Agnieszka Porowska

+48 609 039 066
Customer Service
Kinga Nogal

+48 887 095 155
Service and Parts
Mateusz Sztukowski

+48 887 060