Machine Stretch Film

Signode machine stretch film is the high-performance solution for your palletizing needs. Our film is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide superior performance. It is also available in a variety of widths and lengths to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

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Eliminator Cast Stretch Film

High performance cast film is well suited for applications demanding exceptional strength.


A white cast film that is printed with your brand applied by a special carriage available with Octopus® wrappers.


PanaceaWrap film’s strength and durability come from the lamination of multiple film and reinforcing layers along with anti-corrosive VCI and anti-propagation materials to protect metals.

Our machine film is created via blown extrusion method where molten plastic through a circular die, while cast film is made by extruding molten plastic onto a chilled roll, designed with a puncture resistance a focus machine stretch wrap offers a durable solution for palletizing loads. 

Signode also provide oriented hand stretch wrap, need film for manual use and not with a machine look to our oriented solutions.

Blown Machine Stretch Film

What is Blown Film?

Blown stretch film is a type of wrapping film manufactured using a process called blown extrusion. This process creates a film that is strong and durable, but also easy to stretch. 

Blown film is generally used to secure and protect the most difficult loads. It is available in a variety of widths and lengths to suit every need. Here are just a few of the advantages of this film for machines

  • Strength: Strong and durable, and can help protect your loads from damage during transport. It's particularly good for sharp-edged pallets and heavy loads.
  • Ease of use: \easy to use. Coupled with our Octopus automatic wrapping machines, it guarantees consistent, top-quality wrapping
  • Economical: Generally offers excellent stretchability, resulting in the lowest cost per pallet.

If you are looking for a reliable, effective, and affordable way to secure and protect your loads, blown stretch film is the perfect choice.

Protection from UV

Anti-UV film is generally a wrap whose composition contains an additive containing UV inhibitors. These inhibitors help protect the film from the UV rays, which can lead to film degradation and embrittlement. UV stretch is a good choice for loads that will be stored or transported outdoors, where they will be exposed to the sun.

Colored film is generally made from a resin dyed in the mass with a colorant. The dye gives the film its color. Signode colored film is a good choice for loads that need to be identified or marked. For example, it can be used to identify the contents of a pallet, or to mark a company logo on a load.

UV Stretch Film

Wrapping Technologies?

To accompany your wrapping film, learn more about Signode wrapping machines available with both semi automatic and fully automatic models. Signode is the a great choice. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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