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Experienced in stapling, producing high quality and durable products based on our long experience and solid industrial knowledge. Developing world leading tools, staples for industrial stapling and transport packaging. We are involved in development, manufacturing and end training of all our products; to make sure we can provide the best customer service. 

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Stapling Options

We provide products which cater to all stapling use cases; make sure to contact our team to find the right product for you

Transport Protection

Stapling provides a simple and secure method to close cardboard cartons when preparing for transit

High Quality Stapling

We endeavour to produce stapling machines which are efficient, reliable and fast to enhance your product line

Innovative Production

Always looking for enhancements, we have created a new cordless carton closer, designed for the user so it is mobile and provides the smoothest recoil

Innovation in Stapling

We provide multiple stapling systems for industrial use including automated fastening systems, reloading stations as well as top and bottom staplers designed with you in mind to make sure all products are easy to use, fulfil your stapling needs and importantly speed up production lines and processes. Tools and equipment is available with different capacities and sizes so that we can find the right stapling product for your business. 

Innovation in Stapling Josep Kihlberg

Industrial Stapler from Josep Kihlberg

Proven Quality

We manufacture tools for packaging and manufacturing since 1841, our professional stapling products cover products across all the following industries:

  • Packaging 
  • Industrial
  • Steel Strapping 
  • Household Items: Upholstery, Bed Frames, Cabinets, Door Frames, Window Frames, Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture frames 
  • Cap Tools
  • Flat Stapling 

Service and Parts

All Signode Stapling (Josef Kihlberg Stapling tools) come with a twelve month guarantee covering spare parts and wear and tear over the period. For any servicing and spare parts make sure to contact our customer service department, our team of industry leaders will be happy to support your needs. Information on our guarantees make sure to get in touch.  

Josep Kihlberg Stapler