Now Available: Global Food Industry Trends Report

The global food industry is, above all, resilient. The system’s resilience is built upon its agility to meet new regulations, adapting to sustainability requirements and addressing new consumer-driven demands that are transforming how and where food is delivered.
It is a complex business, with an even more complex supply chain.  Protective transit packaging helps support and provide the essential protective packaging infrastructure and protective products that are needed to deliver food efficiently, safely and reliably.
Signode’s global organization continuously collaborates with our customers to achieve optimized and customized end-to-end transit packaging solutions.
To that end, Signode is pleased to offer its Global Food Industry Trend Report  -- A Century of Resilience: The Impact of Regulation, Sustainability, and E-Commerce (PDF). This high-level view brings together insights, statistics, and transit-packaging solutions gathered from trade-association reports, news coverages, industry blogs, and government reports. 

Download Food Industry Trend Report