Thermal Jet (TJ) System

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Thermal jet (TJ) system with HP inkjet technology is ideal for manufacturers looking for low-maintenance, industrial porous or non-porous inkjet solutions that require high resolution text, barcodes and graphics up to 1″ tall or up to 10 lines of print.
Thermal Jet System

Multiple Print Heads

It is possible to drive up to eight TJ500 1/2″ or four TJ1000 1″ print heads on two independent production lines per controller

Flexible Controlling

The IJ4000 HH direct connection for continuous operation, PC software to design and download print messages and print heads can be used as standalone systems with no connection at all

Easy Operator Control

Font conversion program provides access to any Windows font at user definable sizes. Onboard LEDs signal cartridge ink level status of “ink low” and “ink out”

Use with Many Ink Types

Porous and non-porous inks, water based for  porous and aqueous coated cartons, enhanced  solvent based option with maximized de-cap  times for non-porous substrates

Thermal Jet (TJ) System

Use the Thermal Jet system with easy snap-in ink cartridges allowing for quick fluid replenishment and mess free handling. Providing superior protection in industrial environments with swing print head covers. Simplified message creation and system operation with the pop-up onscreen keypad on the 7″ handheld controller featuring color touchscreen. Easy print quality testing and cleaning provided through the channel purge button on the print head. Smart level ink detection system automatically matches print head settings to the ink type and monitors ink level status throughout operation.

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