Skinny Bun Lite XP Bulkhead

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Ideal for lifting bulkhead systems with no sagging in the middle.
Skinny Bun Lite XP
Skinny bun Lite XP in Trailer

Variety of Options

Available in multiple configurations to fit any application

Maximum Protection

Sealed at the edges for watertight seal to resist moisture

Multiple Accessories

Variety of options like fan kits, cold draw ventilation and vent kits

Strong  Structure

Made with a 3" lightweight hard-sided extruded polystyrene core

Skinny Bun Lite XP

The Skinny Bun Lite XP temperature controlled bulkhead can be configured different ways to meet the needs of your load with a one-piece, off center bi-fold or two-piece track mount and is ideal for drivers and loaders moving bulkheads at every stop. The Skinny Bun Lite XP has an extruded polystyrene rigid foam core that is made with a patented Hydrovac process technology which makes it highly resistant to moisture and permits the product to retain its R-value even after yearly exposure to moisture and freeze/thaw cycling.

Features and Benefits

  • Lighter than the standard Skinny Bun Bulkhead - just 36 lbs per panel. 
  • Vinyl laminated skin on 4mm corrugated plastic with a 3" lightweight hard-sided extruded polystyrene core.
  • Flush Mounted Hardware prevents product damage. 
  • Core is guaranteed against vinyl delamination for 10 years from the date of delivery.                       
  • 5 Year Warranty against wear on all 60 MIL UHMW Scuff Plates.         
  • Superior Insulating Efficiency.
  • All Bulkheads are not only glued, but heat sealed at the edges for watertight seal and strength to resist moisture.
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Web Handles.
Skinny bun Lite XP in Trailer