Safe-T-Clear Curtain

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Vinyl panel swing doors that allow easy entering and exiting during trailer loading and unloading.

Quick Installation

Ships fully assembled with easy installation and adjustable auto-close options

Easy Access

No strips to catch on items as they are being loaded and unloaded


Vinyl material is durable and helps prevent cold air loss

Temperature Control

Clear vinyl, low-temp doors help maintain climate control while loading

Safe-T-Clear Curtain

The Safe-T-Clear Curtain is a safety conscious truck curtain door that allows people and materials to pass through the door opening of a trailer without stopping to open or close the door, while at the same time, limiting the ability of air to pass through. This helps reduce dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants while maintaining proper temperatures and saving fuel.

Features and Benefits

  • Two, clear low-temp vinyl panel wing doors that allow you to enter and exit with ease. 
  • The auto-close hardware can be and adjusted with no tools required.
  • Stainless steel hardware that will not rust.
  • No strips to catch on boxes or to get in the way of the loader/unloader.
  • High visibility for safety.
  • Fits most trailer doors.
  • Ships fully assembled.
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