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About Signode in New Zealand

Signode New Zealand manufacture load containment & protective packaging systems that have been engineered specifically for your application; systems that protect your products, streamline your production and improve your profits. Signode products and equipment are used throughout the world in a broad range of industries to secure everything from wool bales and timber to steel coils and corrugated cartons. What makes Signode unique is our systems approach to serving our customers' needs.

We provide strapping, a wide range of equipment and hand tools. Signode New Zealand provides customers with an extensive range of manual, battery and pneumatic powered tools for steel and plastic strapping applications. Our range of offerings in this market include Consumables, Equipment & Tools, Reliability Services and Automation for Packaging, Warehousing & Transportation of goods. To find out more about Signode globally, click here.  

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Industries Served in Australia


Signode has a strong presence across various segments:

  • Metals Ferrous
  • Metals Non Ferrous 
  • Corrugated
  • Construction (Brick and Timber)
  • Fibre - Cotton and Wool 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Distribution

Featured Products from Signode New Zealand


Strapping Consumables

Magnus Steel Strap

Magnus® Heavy-Duty Steel Strap

Magnus grade steel strap is a cold-rolled, high tensile, heat treated steel strap suitable for an extensive range of heavy duty applications.

Apex Strapping

Apex® and Apex Plus

Apex® and Apex Plus® range, steel strapping which is cold rolled, non-heat treated, manufactured with low carbon use.


Tenax® Polyester Strap

A superior strapping product for more complex heavy medium to heavy duty applications. An industry leader where load containment and product stability is paramount.



Polypropylene Strap

Polypropylene strapping is designed for light and medium-duty applications, including palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement.

Strapping Hand Tools

STB Hand Tools

Plastic Strapping - STB Battery Powered

A battery powered plastic strapping combination tool suitable for 9mm - 32mm PET and PP strap. It can tension, seal and cut the strap with the press of just one button. 

BPT Strapping Tool

Steel Strapping - BPT Battery Tool

The BPT battery tools deliver highspeed operation and unparalleled performance for steel strapping applications.

Steel Strapping Pneumatic Tools

Steel Strapping - Pneumatic Tools

Signode New Zealand's pneumatic hand tools for steel strap take most of the effort out of tensioning  and sealing by performing those operations at the push of a lever.

Steel Strapping Manual Tool

Steel Strapping - Manual Tools

Signode's steel strapping manual tools are for simple strapping applications, great for use where a power supply is not accessible; Steel strapping tensioners, sealers and combination tools are available. 

Strapping Equipment

General Purpose Table Top

Plastic Strapping - General Purpose Table Top

Fully automated table top strapping machines are available in stainless steel and can be implemented into many industries and applications.

General Purpose Automatic Strapping

Plastic Strapping - General Purpose Automatic

Signode provides a wide range of General Purpose Automatic strapping machines designed for versatile use for a variety of packaging applications.

General Purpose Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping - General Purpose

Power strapping machines for automatic packaging of loads where steel strapping is required. 

Strapping Heads

Strapping Heads - Steel and Plastic Strapping

Signode provides strapping heads for use with both steel and plastic strapping use. With specific heads for medium and heavy duty usage.   

Wrapping and Pallet Stability

Wrapping Consumables


Mimalite - Oriented Film

Oriented wrapping film designed for both hand and machine use provides stability of pallets and unitised loads.

Machine Film

Mimawrap - Machine Grade Film

Stretch film available for multiple use cases and available as a cast or blown film.

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hood Film

Hood Film designed for minimum puncture, maximum containment, minimising condensation and consistent application.

Silawrap NRF

Mima Agricultural Wrap - Silage Film

Plastic film used to hold a silage bale together as a substitute for UV stabilized net wrap products.

Wrapping Equipment

Turntable Wrapping Machines

Turntable Wrapping Machines

Easy wrapping with a turntable wrapping machine, simple operation and and highly efficient machines from Signode. 

Ring Wrapper Signode Australia

Ring Wrapper Machines

We provide stretch wrapping machines for various capacities and load dimensions, a high speed production solution. 

Yellow Jacket Orbital Wrapper

Orbital Wrapping Machines

Great for securing over-sized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet is on the forklift.

Signode Stretch Hooder

Stretch Hood Machines

Stretch hooding machines offer significant benefits to reduce film consumption, minimise energy consumption as well as providing material handling convenience, product display opportunities and improved marketability.


Edge Protection

Edge Protection

Edge Protection is a laminated paperboard protecting corners and pallets within multiple markets and applications. This 100% recycled protective product from Signode allows for higher strap tension around the load minimising interior and exterior corner damage.


Dunnage Airbags

Signode offers as comprehensive range of polywoven airbags, manufactured from a durable dunnage material which is moisture resistant. Our airbag range is available in multiple sizes and strengths to provide protection during travel. 

Container Liners

Container Liners

Signode offers container liners available in both Polywoven and Film, when installed in a standard shipping container they will protect various flowable dry products during transit domestically or overseas as containerized bulk. 

Plastic Tier Sheets

Plastic Tier Sheets

Signode New Zealand provides tier sheets a clean, washable solution offering maximum load stability and greater protection between layers of products. Ideal for a wide range of industries, including those making food and beverage cans, aerosols, PET bottles and glass containers.

Additional Solutions

Stapling Australia Signode


Signode offers a wide range of stapling products for industrial use, providing the Josef Kihlberg range of staples and stapling tools. Signode provides users with a neat, efficient and ergonomic solution to industrial stapling and packaging. 


Case Sealers

Great for case packing, Signode case sealers are available with long conveyor tables and an additional side belt drive. Signode's case sealers are available in stainless steel for use in clean room environments. 

Signode Automation

Automation and Integration

Offering complete solutions for end of line packaging and warehouse automation, Signode New Zealand will design and support your business to execute the best end of line packing concepts. 

Reliability Service Signode

Reliability Services

Always dedicated to provide an optimal customer service, Signode New Zealand provides multiple reliability services including Packaging Plus Reliability Services a solution-based approach to meet the current and future needs of Signode’s customers.

To find out more about Stapling, Case Sealers, Automation and Reliability Services click on the appropriate options. 

Signode Solutions

Signode Solutions

A market leader in transit packaging, Signode will protect your packages across multiple stages of transit packaging needs. We will support packing, bundling, unitizing, warehousing and transporting your final products. Our capabilities extend beyond just our product portfolio with automation solutions and reliability services to find the best way to increase productivity throughout your packing systems. Find out more about our solutions offerings.