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New ring type stretch wrapping machine, bringing benefits to low capacity production lines. No pneumatic / compressed air supply needed.

Maximizes Throughput

Wraps up to 40 pallets per hour depending on model, load size and wrap pattern


Steel frame structure provides efficient performance, long life and minimal maintenance


Simple structure with reliable operation, no pneumatic / compressed air supply needed


Accommodates variable load sizes and multiple wrapping patterns to satisfy packaging challenges

WrapBOX Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

WrapBOX represents new kind of innovation, bringing the benefits of the ring technology to the low-end capacity range of automatic stretch wrapping machines.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides unmatched flexibility
    Bringing the rotary ring technology, where the packages are stationary on the pallet during wrapping, to the low-end capacity production lines significantly improves the packaging quality in that segment compared to competitive technologies.

    In practice that is clearly visible as improved transport stability decreasing the amount of damaged products and reclamations, and that way leading to automatic cost savings.
  • Improved packaging quality with predictable costs
    With a consistent, fixed gear based pre-stretching of the film the operator achieves consistent film use which leads to predictable and reliable packaging cost per pallet.

    Adjustable film tension setting at different points of the load increases the packaging quality, providing desired support and stability for the load at any point.
  • Convenient Operation
    Different wrapping programs with adjustable parameters are available through a 7” touch screen HMI, providing operators with visual and guiding functions for smooth operation. Addresses variable packaging challenges
  • Economical Servicing
    Due to the simple structure and clever design, the maintenance of WrapBOX is easy and economical with the shortest possible production line down time.

    As there is no pneumatics and no chains, and all motors are attached to the ring which is driven down for maintenance, makes the servicing quick to do.
  • Continuous film force-to-load adjustment
    Each wrapping pattern has customized force to load settings for individual parts of the load. Based on type of primary packaging, weight of the load, texture of the primary package, and the transport distance of the load, each wrapping pattern will apply top wraps, bottom wraps and film overlaps with individual force-to-load tensions for improved load containment


  • Roping device: Improves load stability by stretch film roping the bottom layer or pallet base
  • Load stabilizer: Ensures unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping cycle
  • Conveyors and pallet lifter: infeed, wrapping and outfeed conveyors

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