Insulated Transport Products

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Standard Center Chute & Adapters

Runs down the middle of the trailer ceiling.

Tube Chute & Adapters

Provides uniform temperature throughout refrigerated trailers. Moving air to the back of the trailer from the reefer unit.

Two Finger Chute & Adapters

Two finger design helps to prevent damage that would take place down the center of the trailer.

Insulated Bulkhead Accessories

Accessories to compliment our insulated bulkheads.

Insulated Pallet Covers & Blankets

Helps protect temperature-sensitive food during shipping.

Insulated Van Bulkhead

Ideal for specialty distribution, catering, seafood and medical deliveries. The Insulated Van Bulkhead is suitable for refrigerated trailers.

Skinny Bun Lite XP One-Piece Bulkhead

Ideal for users who have no need to move the bulkhead every load or unload.

DuraFlex Bulkhead

An economical, light-weight, flexible and durable bulkhead.

Skinny Bun™ Bulkhead

Ideal for transporters needing a durable, cost-effective bulkhead.

Skinny Bun Lite XP Bulkhead

Ideal for lifting bulkhead systems with no sagging in the middle.

UB1 Universal Bulkhead™

The UB1 Universal Bulkhead will fit multiple size refrigerated trailer height and widths. Ideal insulated bulkhead for refrigerated trailers.

Vinyl Strip Curtains

Prevents cold air loss with crystal clear visibility.

Safe-T-Clear Curtain

Vinyl panel swing doors that allow easy entering and exiting during trailer loading and unloading.

Universal Vinyl Truck Curtain

Fits any trailer or truck roll-up or swing door to prevent cold air loss during transit.

Airhead™ Return Air Bulkhead

One-piece return air bulkhead for better front wall trailer protection.

Return Air Bulkhead Pallet Stops

Provides excellent front wall protection and impact resistance.

DuroMax Return Air Bulkhead

Two-piece return air bulkhead.

MaxAir Return Air Bulkhead

Return Air Bulkhead that offers more square inches of opening for return air.

Zephyr Return Air Bulkhead

Single piece return air bulkhead that allows for multiple heights and allows easy access to the refrigeration unit to service.