Transport Protection

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Container Liners

Manufactured from food-grade polyethylene or woven high-density polyethylene, container liners help transportation of dry bulk products.

C-AS Anchorpoint Lashing

Easy to use C-AS Anchorpoint lashing made from polyester woven strap is a great cargo securing mechanism.

C-QL Lashing System

One-way fast load securing system to give piece of mind that your cargo will be secured.

Plastic Corners (Jumbo Corner)

Plastic corner protection used for the lashing of cargo.

Polyester Lashing

One-way load securing system manufactured from Polyester woven yarn for cargo securement.


Dri-Pack clay desiccant bags are used to preserve moisture and sensitive goods.


Environmentally friendly high performance container moisture absorption.

Bates Cargo Pak Heavy Airbags

Heavy airbags for loadings which require additional protection. Re-usable airbags that can be used on rail wagons and reefer ships.

Bates Cargo Pak Medium Airbags

Used to secure cargo which is at risk of being exposed on loads up to 23 tons.

Bates Cargo Pak Reuse Airbags

Re-usable airbags which can work for loads up to 14 tons.

Bates Cargo Pak Flex Airbags

Airbags suitable for loads up to 12 tons.

Bates Cargo Pak Flex Eco Airbags

Suitable for loads up to 9 tons. Ideal for container or road transportation.

Bates Cargo Pak Flex Plastic Airbags

Suitable for loads up to 9 tons. Ideal for container or road transportation.

Polywoven Dunnage Bag

Dunnage bags produced with an outer layer of polywoven and inner bladder made from high quality PE film.

MAX Inflator

Signode’s new MAX Inflator delivers maximum inflation speed as a completely portable dunnage airbag inflator with light, battery operated technology.

Antislip Sheets

Stabilise your products and reduce movement between the stacked layers during shipping and handling.

Safety Sheets

Transit load securement sheets.