Vinyl Strip Curtains

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Prevents cold air loss with crystal clear visibility.
Strip Curtains
Plastic Strip Curtains

Variety of Options

Curtains available in standard smooth, ribbed and reinforced

Quick Installation

Installed in just minutes with crystal clear visibility

Cost Effective

Reduces fuel and energy costs by preventing cold air loss

Custom Designed

made to your interior trailer dimensions for side and rear doors

Vinyl Strip Curtains

Vinyl Strip Curtains are transparent, odorless and non-toxic. The strips part only enough to let a person or forklift pass through while the balance of the strips remain closed with the parted strips falling right back into place automatically after passage. This helps minimum loss of expensive heated or cooled air. Our plastic strips are tough, sturdy and able to withstand the impact of heavy equipment and constant use. We can help you configure the right strip door for your application. The size and width of your strip door varies by the overall door size and the traffic levels. For light pedestrian traffic, 6” or 8” wide strips are common. Larger door openings with high traffic levels may require 8” or 12” wide strips.

Features and Benefits

  • Crystal clear for better visibility.
  • Can be installed in only minutes.
  • Reduces fuel and energy costs by preventing cold air loss. 
  • Payback periods for Strip Curtain Doors are as little as three months.
  • Permanent or portable quick release bracket mount. 
  • Curtains are made to your interior trailer dimensions. 
  • Side and rear door applications. 


Plastic Strip Curtains

Standard Strip Curtain Options

Low Temp DuraRib

Low Temp Ribbed 

For high traffic forklift areas to reduce scratching from loads passing through the opening. For environments from -10°F to 90°F.

Low temp reinforced

Low Temp Reinforced 

Contains nylon strings embedded in the center of each strip to prevent contraction of the flexible PVC. Designed for freezer applications to -40°F.

Standard Ribbed

Offset Standard Ribbed

Helps reduce damage to strips with constant forklift movement while loading. For environments from -10°F  to 150°F.

Standard smooth

Standard Smooth  

Versatile and economical material for a wide range of applications. For normal traffic in temperature from -10°F  to 150°F.


Low temp non reinforced

Low Temp Non-Reinforced 

Made with the softest, most flexible, low-temp formulation on the market to prevent strips from cracking in cold temperatures. Designed for freezer applications with temperatures as low as -40°F.

Strip Door Hardware Options

Our strip doors can be placed easily under Roll-Up Doors using our Side-Wall Mounting Brackets. Mount additional brackets at different trailer depths, so the strip door can be moved as the trailer is emptied.

Wall mount hardware

Wall Mounting (SL - LC)

For wall and side lintel mounting (SL for nut and bolt style).

Ceiling mount hardware

Ceiling Mounting (UL - LC)

For header and under Lintel Mounting (UL for nut and bolt style).