LA7000 All-Electric Label Applicator

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LA7000 all-electric label applicator system is designed using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and smart sensing controls to achieve precise label placements at high speeds.

Fully Electric

The all electric LA7000 design frees manufacturers from the inconsistencies and high costs of plant air, enabling unparalleled one-to-one label-to-product placement

Smart Sensing Technology

Smart technology can automatically detect missing labels at the peel point, preventing double labelling and missed labels

Efficient Technology

Brushless DC servo motor drives precision label dispensing to achieve accurate, repeatable label placement. The LA7000 is clutch-less, with an independent rewind drive

Easy to Use Touchscreen

A color touchscreen display features an intuitive user interface providing real-time reporting and diagnostics

LA7000 Label Applicator

Designed using servo-controlled label dispensing technology the LA7000 label applicator provides precise label placement technology at high speed. Minimise manual intervention during labelling by remotely adjusting system settings and viewing system statuses across an entire fleet. The LA7000 make it possible to easily wipe, tamp or apply labels in various applications including: the side, top, bottom, front, rear and corner-wrap of product, case and pallet panels.

Easily transition away from hand labelling using the LA7000 label applicator allowing for reliable and accurate high speed application. Easy to use and gain remote access to the machine allowing for setting adjustments and status checks to take place away from the line on a controller or PC.

*Product is a registered solution by Diagraph