Handjet™ EBS-260

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Hand held coding made easy via the EBS Ink-Jet. A innovative portable coding solution.
Coding on Film

High Capacity

The print height is 32 dots up to 2.2" to provide one to four separate lines; additionally the ink cartridge has capacity to perform 200,000 characters in a 7x5 matrix

Precision Coding

Built in laser guidance for precision positioning of messages

Quick Drying Ink

Using a variety of quick-drying and application-specific inks: ethanol-, acetone- or MEK-based in different colors, UV legible, food-grade, and more.

Easy to Use

Highly-readable screen makes it easy to adjust print parameters at the touch of a finger, ensuring optimum printing results without interrupting work flow.

Handjet EBS-260

The next generation of portable Ink-jet, handheld coding using UV-resistant black ink, blue pigmented ink, black universal ink and more based on the industry need. Control the machine easily via a simple to use touchscreen; easy to link the device to PC to format texts.

The EBS-260 model has been redesigned for ease of grip so handling is comfortable and well balanced for the operator alongside the improved grip this model is equipped with an integrated guidance laser simplifying the handling for the user by an easy to follow target. 

Additional Options Available

  • Ergonomic handling/safety harness 
  • Guide wheels
  • Spray bottle
  • 24-volt, 1.25-amp power pack, cable
  • CD w/utility software and user-support files

 *Product is a registered trademark by EBS Ink Jet Systems GmbH