Airhead™ Return Air Bulkhead

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One-piece return air bulkhead for better front wall trailer protection.
Airhead Bulkhead

Easy to Install

Economical and simple to install in 15 minutes or less


Pallet stops and debris screens are built into the bulkhead

Crossover Holes

Provides continuous airflow even if obstructed with debris

Food Grade Approved

Made with HMW polyethylene and approved for the food transit industry

Airhead Return Air Bulkhead

Airhead was the first one-piece construction plastic return air bulkhead in the industry. It was designed to give trailer front walls better protection and better airflow to refrigeration units. Airhead accomplishes both objectives while bringing out several other advantages such as, built-in debris screen, crossover holes for added airflow and it is food grade approved. 

Features and Benefits

  • Patented one-piece construction.
  • Built-in debris screen.
  • Made with food grade approved material. 
  • Channels air to refrigeration unit.
  • Pulls air evenly across the full width of the trailer, cooling and maintaining loads. 
  • Made of HMW polyethylene providing high impact resistance at extreme low temperatures. 
  • Crossover holes give added airflow protection even when obstructed by debris.