USPS / Government Packaging Solutions

From inline to offline strappers, Signode equipment is designed to maximize throughput while minimizing bottlenecks. Our comprehensive product line of plastic strapping and application equipment, including unitizers and bundlers, is ideal for USPS applications including letter trays, totes and flat tubs. Constructed with components designed to integrate well with other OEM equipment used throughout the industry, Signode systems can be installed in your main line quickly and efficiently without sacrificing crucial uptime.

Plastic strapping applications

Inline strapping


The MOD-GPX features an entirely modular design that provides unparalleled flexibility and longevity for general purpose strapping machines. Interchangeable modular components simplify maintenance, minimizing service disruptions. Modules can be replaced inline by your own personnel, saving time and money. The MOD-GPX is available in stainless or industrial grade steel with automatic or semiautomatic configurations to suit a broad range of applications.

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Offline strapping


The LBX-2000, approved for USPS standards for bundle integrity, offers reliable performance, low maintenance operation and the highest available speed of a general duty strapping machine. Suitable for a wide range of general applications, from mailroom operations to general carton closure, the LBX-2000 cycles up to 70 straps per minute for high speed, efficient strapping. The LBX-2000 uses 5mm or 6mm Contrax polypropylene strapping.




Manual strapping tools


The BXT2 combination tool applies polyester strapping, utilizing friction weld joint technology to join the strap ends. The battery-operated BXT2 has a simple two-button process and ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue.





Plastic strapping
Contrax® polypropylene strapping

Contrax polypropylene strapping is designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment. Its excellent elongation recovery properties make it a good choice for light to medium-duty unitizing applications, including horizontal unitization of case goods.



Steel strapping
Apex Plus™ steel strapping

Apex Plus is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping, engineered to yield a higher break strength at a thinner gauge than regular-duty steel strapping. In many applications, Apex Plus can substitute for the heavier gauge regular-duty steel strapping to save money on material and shipping costs. Our zinc finish Apex Plus strapping is waxed and has a zinc enriched coating to provide superior resistance to rust.



Magnus® steel strapping

Magnus is a cold-rolled, heat-treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications. Our zinc finish Magnus strapping is waxed and has a zinc enriched coating to provide superior resistance to rust..