GCU SmartFlex Features

  • Modular head technology
  • Standard electrical controls
  • Strap placement flexibility
  • “Smart” Dispensers

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Real-time Production Data

  • Unitizer details report
  • Performance report
  • Downtime report
  • Task activity report

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Corrugated compression strapping system

The innovative GCU SmartFlex™ compresses and straps corrugated loads utilizing a modular head design for easy maintenance and operation. Accommodating up to four heads in five positions, the GCU SmartFlex provides more strap placement options, improved single stroke capability and higher throughput to maximize production.


MHC Modular Strapping Heads

Easier to operate — Constructed with few moving parts and durable wear parts, the MHC strapping head modules are far more cost efficient to maintain than other strapping heads. MHC strapping heads feature a simple design with no belts, pulleys or adjustments.

Less downtime — Separate, lightweight feeding and sealing modules, weighing less than 35 lbs. each, are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime. Heads can be accessed and removed from the floor without the use of special equipment.

Standard electrical controls

Equipped with Allen-Bradley PLC, the control panel placement reduces the machine dimensions for easier integration into varying production lines.

Strap placement flexibility

Innovative head spacing with five positions provides for variable strap placement options and minimizes the need for double stroking, resulting in improved flexibility and faster throughput of up to 200+ loads per hour. Head spacings are available at 8″, 16″, 24″, 32″, 40″ and 48″.

“Smart” Dispensers

The strap feeding modules are mounted directly onto the dispenser framework, enabling simple one-step loading and feeding. Feeding and clearing can be done without entering the machine, minimizing downtime and operator interference.

Durable, steel construction

Durable steel construction provides long-lasting operation. We’ve incorporated the conveyor into the frame and added outer rails to increase machine stability and create a more compact footprint. Conveyor rollers lift out easily for cleaning or repairing.

Data collection software

SignodeSmart is data collection software that captures and displays real-time production data to optimize productivity, minimize downtime and enhance safety for your operation.

The SignodeSmart platform, easily integrated into the unitizer’s programmable logic controller (PLC), provides real-time data reports at the unitizer and remotely, allowing you to immediately identify improvement opportunities to increase production.


  • Monitors safety infractions
  • Records all attempts and errors at the unitizer including the heads and the dispensers
  • Reports downtime by machine/head/position
  • Confirms current throughput speeds
  • Alerts operators to routine preventative maintenance tasks
  • Generates automatic e-mail alerts to management and maintenance
  • Reports average loads strapped
  • Displays runtime in automatic versus manual mode
  • Connects directly to Kiwiplan providing real-time data for immediate troubleshooting


  • Reduce lost-time accidents by tracking your Lockout/Tagout program
  • Analyze real-time production data to immediately determine corrective actions that can help optimize productivity
  • Identify, prompt and record preventative maintenance to sustain equipment performance and maximize ROI
  • Avert major downtime events through responding to simple diagnostics

Service support plan

24/7 telephone support from Signode’s partner Kiwiplan, a company with over three decades of expertise in developing innovative software for the corrugated and packaging industry. Annual maintenance agreements include software support, software maintenance, consulting and updates.